Passion Projects pt.1


(read with pirate voice) We be embarking on the maiden voyage of my newest endeavor. Our journey begins for the vast riches that lie before us. An endless supply of treasures awaits our discovery.

(Back to normal voice, if you want. Pirate voice is still cool.) The one thing that got me into photography in the first place is my desire, this insatiable, smoldering desire to create epic pieces of art. I love to meet new people and find out what is special to them and then create something from that. I want to show you how I see you. I meet people in grocery stores, restaurants, the gym... everywhere. And I want to photograph them all. Logistically, of course, I can't. But when we can make it happen, it's pure magic.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Julie. I love meeting new people and learning about their passions and interests. I dive deep. I want to know what makes you tick, and why. And how your passions make you feel. Then I get a vision, and if you're up for it, I'll produce a shoot to bring that vision to life. This is one of those shoots.

I found Julie to be very real. Organic, yet vibrant. And mysterious. I had just happened across about 60 poinsettia plants that were part of a holiday display being torn down and I reached out to her, with 2 days notice, to see if she'd be up for exploring my vision. She was. Hooray!

We met up two days later. It was a reeeeeaaallllly cold night. 36 degrees. We spent 4.5 hours plucking and taping leaves onto her. Her entire outfit is made up from the vibrant leaves of the poinsettia. It was spectacular! We couldn't have the heater on because the leaves were already wilting from her body heat. So we had to move fast. We shot several scenes and the real magic happened at the end. I can't tell you how we did it (the magic of photography) but the image above is the culmination of our efforts, and one of my favorite photos ever.

I'm going start sharing more of my passion projects with you. Everyone in my galleries on this site are real people who've asked me to photograph them, and I'm honored every chance I get. I am, also, very excited to share more of the images that come to life from the everyday interactions I have.

(Back to pirate voice) So with the wind to our backs and the vast horizon in our sights, let this journey begin! Welcome aboard.