Personal BrandING

Our social profiles are our first impressions online. When you're cropped out of a party photo or use a bathroom selfie, you're telling people how to perceive you. It's like showing up to a business meeting in pajamas.

When you hire a real professional photographer to do a lifestyle shoot with you, your photos will look like the best version of you. I love doing personal branding shoots for my clients because I get to know you and I tell your story through your photos. Whether you are a business coach, a realtor, or looking to spruce up your online dating profile, I've got you covered.

Mike came in to our office. He was kind.
He made the experience less intimidating with his light hearted humor
and insight to the discomfort of taking photos.
He helped me to feel more comfortable.
— Deanna

Company Branding

Whether your company is cutting edge, traditional, organic and vegan, steam punk, ultra modern, or any other style…if your photography doesn’t match, it will confuse potential clients. Confused people don’t buy.

When you work with me, I take the time get to know you and your company’s brand. You will have stunning photography that represents your business exactly how you want your customers to see it. The right message and presentation attracts the right customers.

Let’s put together your perfect photo shoot!